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Stroke me by buying my first book, Stroke It, Your guide to enhancing every relationship, especially with yourself.  You know you wanna.

The book began as my journal. After seeing the impact Stroke It had on me, I decided to share my story with you.  My podcast guests also share their stories, resources, and wins. Our mission is to inspire you to take ownership of your life and every relationship. 

“Jenny is a positive force. She not only elevates herself but others around her constantly. Her approach is inspiring, honest, and authentic.”

— Jessica Papineau Founder/CEO CSJ Authentic Fashion Styling

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Get your signed copy today!

Every purchase will receive a signed copy and bonuses. 

About the Book

Feeling unappreciated? Are you looking for more love, romance, and fulfillment in your life? Do
you feel others don’t understand you?

Then it’s time to understand them, and the best way to do that is to start stroking.
In Stroke It, Jenny Townsend will show you how to improve your relationships with all the
significant people in your life—spouse, partner, employer, employees, family, friends, and most
especially, yourself. She has learned how to stroke people emotionally, mentally, and physically
in honest and rewarding ways that will bring you closer to them.

While stroking also has its place in the bedroom, and Jenny devotes a chapter to that, you can
also stroke your employer by supporting their ideas and being loyal. You can stroke your family
members by listening to them. You can stroke your spouse by learning their love language. You
can learn how to stroke everyone in your life so they will be happier and more self-confident.
The result will be enhanced relationships, and more love, happiness, and general wellbeing for
everyone involved.

If you put in the time to make your relationships a priority, you will experience the deeper
fulfillment and meaning you have been craving.
So, what are you waiting for? Get busy stroking.

If you are in the Sarasota, I am hosting a book signing party on Friday, April 26th. RSVP.

Take Note! How The Stroke It Guide Came to Be

Take Note! How The Stroke It Guide Came to Be

Buy the Stroke It Guide Today! 🍋Ever wonder how the Stroke It Guide came to be?👀 Hey there! I'm Jenny Townsend, the host of Stroke It, your ultimate guide to leveling up every relationship, especially the one you have with yourself. 🚀 Today, I'm sharing my story on how I turned a random Marshall's journal into a published book! Yep, it took me six years of twists, turns, and a whole lot of soul-searching. It all started with that journal, my safe haven during some rough patches in life and love. I poured my heart out, wrote letters, and shared stories—basically, I dumped all my feels onto those pages and found my way to healing and forgiveness. But here's the kicker: when I decided to turn it into a book, I hit a snag. My editor said, "Jen, you need more juice!" So, I launched a podcast, chatted with amazing guests, and boom—my book got the makeover it needed! Fast forward, and I've got a shiny, finished product ready to rock your world. 📚 It's been a wild ride, but I'm stoked to share it with you! Let's dive into this adventure together—trust me, it's gonna be epic! Don't forget to hit subscribe and spread the good vibes! 🌟 #Relationships #PersonalGrowth #PersonalDevelopment #Communication #Marriage #SelfHelpBooks ----------------------- 🍋Get in touch + check out my courses! Website: Podcast: Email:
The Stroke It Guide Podcast Overview

The Stroke It Guide Podcast Overview

Stroke the Ego, Enhance the Relationship Picture this: “You wake up every morning wondering WTF am I doing with my life meanwhile your dog, kids, and/or your spouse are calling your name like never before. You consider quitting your so-called daily life” or “I am destined for more. I want to start my own business or make a life change but I fear failure”. If this is you, let this podcast be your guide. This podcast will teach you how to care for yourself first then others. It will boost your confidence, self esteem and worth. You will become happy and fulfilled. So much so that you will have the power to give to others honestly and effectively. ​ The podcast offers personal and professional growth advice from CEO's, CHO's and others rockin 'at life. It is for those wanting more peace, clarity, direction, passion, purpose, and happiness. ​ Each episode offers positive self chatter featuring methods, tools, and coaching from Jenny herself towards creating positive mental health benefits first for yourself and then for the others around you as you lead from within your empire. Whether you use the STROKE IT guide on your spouse, your family members, your friends, or your executive, and management teams, applying what learned in these episodes will enrich how you DO LIFE with all those around you. ​ Episodes feature Jenny and a guest. Each guest teaches you how to Stroke three stakeholders per episode. What are stakeholders? Stakeholders are those in your life that impact your well-being, happiness, and overall productivity. You Partner Employer Employee Friends & Family In the Bedroom As you can see, you will learn how to Stroke those in your personal and professional life. Don't mix those up! You could end up in big trouble. Jenny's goal is to help you enhance your life and others. Together, we can build each other up.
Jenny Alday Townsend Business

Invest in yourself by making the invest today!

Stroke It On Sale Now

You can buy directly here. Online orders will receive a signed copy and bonuses.  If you are attending my in-person events, buy your book there to avoid shipping and handling charges.

“For anyone looking for success and happiness, through empowerment, self-assessment, and determination, Stroke It by Jenny Townsend is a must read. She takes you on her real life journey of what it was, what it could be, and what it is today. She shares so that you, the reader, can adapt and apply her process so that you, too, can achieve that level of intimacy so many desire.”

— Gary Barnes, President, Gary Barnes International


“In her compelling book, Townsend bravely tackles the often taboo subject of adultery, sharing her own journey of confronting and overcoming infidelity in her marriage. Through her candid confession and insightful guidance, Stroke It transcends being just an engaging read. It serves as a powerful how-to guide, offering valuable lessons for fostering happy, fulfilling marriages and nurturing loving relationships in both our personal and professional lives. This book is perfect for anyone seeking to strengthen their relational bonds and navigate the complexities of intimacy with honesty and grace.”

— Sabine Kvenberg, Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Founder of Impact Communication

My Story

JENNY ALDAY TOWNSEND is a successful entrepreneur focused on helping others achieve
balance in both their business and marriage. After facing and overcoming her own marriage
difficulties, she wrote Stroke It to support others. Jenny is the owner of Music Compound, a
music school that has been nominated for and won awards, including Best Woman-Owned
Business and Small Business of the Year. In 2019, Jenny was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year.
Happily married, Jenny enjoys traveling, eating, and spending time with family and friends.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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