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Website orders include S&H, signed copy and bonuses.

All orders will be shipped within 30 days of receiving. 


If you are attending my live in person events, buy the book there to avoid S&H charges. 


All webiste and in-person orders will receive a signed copy and bonuses.


When life gives your lemons, Stroke It in Life, Love and Leadership.

Stroke It, Your Guide to enhancing every relationship, especially with yourself.


You can pre-purchase my book. Once in stock, you will receive a signed copy and a free gift.  You will be able to Stroke Yourself within days of receiving. Your family, co-workers, and friends will wonder what you are doing? It's okay to share...... They may wonder the heck but then will want to Stroke It too. 


Take note, if you Stroke It, you will have people drinking your Kool-Aid. Get the pitcher and glasses ready. 


Don't forget to include the right address. Fee includes shipping.


Purchase my Book - Get a Signed Copy

  • Thank you for your purchase. If you are not satisified with the book, would you considering gifting to a friend or local non-profit? 

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