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Thank you for agreeing to join me on the The Stroke It Podcast. The project is known as “Stroke It” and is all about stroking the stakeholders in your life the greater good of your relationship. Stroking enhance self worth, happiness, and overall well-being. By Stroking someone, you are acknowledging and validating them. I will be recording two podcasts per week. One solo and one with a guest. I am looking for women and men to join me. I hope to pre-record Thursdays segment to reference and mention in my solo podcast that will air the Tuesday prior. You and I will speak about stroking those in your professional and personal life. The Goal is provide real tips that can help us all grow. I will ask you to include success stories and examples. Stakeholders - Pick 3 stakeholders to discuss with me. Pick ones that you can speak in depth about. If you manage, pick employees and employers. If you are married, consider partner. Are you an amazing friend and have tips for being a better listener and supporter? If you make yourself a priority everyday and have mastered time for self care and love, pick YOU. 1) You - Most Important 2) Partner 3) Employer 4) Employee 5) friends and family 6) In the bedroom - had to add the last chapter bc most think this book is about sex. 😃 Podcast will be 40 minutes or so. Plan for 60 minutes. The podcast and book are geared to newly married, those that just entered the workforce, and anyone experiencing a mid-life crisis. I’m sure many of you have lots of great tips and educational value to add. My goal is to help those that recently joined the workforce. I want to help them develop boundaries early in their career. For example, creating a life filled with work-life balance, avoiding internal office affairs, and how to support their team. I want to help those newly married and provide simple keys to success that we all learned the hard way. Do you recall life lessons that could have saved or helped your marriage? Did you understand your spouses love language? Could you have been more supportive or heard in your marriage? Let's help the next generation and reduce the divorce rate. As for those experiencing a mid-life crisis, I feel that many of my friends are entering this stage. Many feel alone, neglected by their partner, and exhausted from trying to be a super human for themselves and others. They have lost themselves through the journey and are barely alive. I want to empower them to take

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Sarasota, Florida, USA

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