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The Fridge Model Workshop​


I want to inspire you to achieve the life you want. It will start with outlining your action plan.


I want you to embrace the journey. Sometimes, The detours lead to the most beautiful and rewarding places.


Do you want work life balance?
Do you want to enhance your life?
Do you want to create time for self care?
Do you want to make your vision board a reality?
Do you struggle with a long to-do list and anxiety?
Need simple suggestions that will make your life fulfilling?


This course will review your vision board for the year. We will break down those goals and outline a plan to achieve.

Don't have a vision board? No problem. Outline four items you want to make a reality in the next four to six months.


This course will help you develop a plan that is front and center not to mention it WORKS!


I have done this exact model for three years.


Course is offered Quaterly. 


Join me if you want to turn your dream into reality. You can do this yourself quarterly or yearly.


recordings + 3 Month Membership to the PAC

Fridge Model Recordings

  • Outline goals, understanding why, diving into purpose. Believing it is possible is key.

     Developing a plan. This will require you to have a laptop, calendar, and planner. Hands on and making it happen.

    Philosophy, taking action, and scheduling time to make it happen. 

    Super simple and doable.

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