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The course provides 4 Ground rules to strengthen your marriage. We will also breakdown areas of concern when struggling in your marriage. By the end of the course, my hope is that you will have clarity of what your future holds. 


This course is great for those struggling in their marriage, experiencing a marital affair, or looking for answers. There are so many in your shoes on the same journey. Let’s connect. 


The course journey includes:

  • 4 Ground Rules to enhance your relationship
  • Discovery Coaching (marital affair with another person, career or habit)
  • Understanding Emotional Trauma
  • Gaining Hope and Faith
  • Understanding your spouse's upbringing when it comes to love, nurture, and affection
  • How to Care and Boost Confidence
  • Finding Forgiveness
  • The value of time
  • Trigger Management
  • Clarity


You will also receive tools, resources and support.

I look forward to supporting you. We all have a story to share and learn from. 

End or Mend a Marriage

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