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About Jenny

Jenny has appeared on numerous TV segments and is a published author.  Not to mention a certified Sound Healer.  In addition to working her passion, Jenny enjoys the beach, traveling monthly, playing tennis and spending time with her husband. She lives in Sarasota, FL.

Published Clip in Wired. Jenny is in the process of writing a book. To learn more, she attended one of Susan Shapiro's writing class. After five weeks, Wired accepted a pitch.  Thank you, Alan Henry. 

MAR 1, 2022 9:00 AM

How to Move Your Shop or Business Online

The pandemic prompted entrepreneurs to move their brick-and-mortars into the digital sphere. Here's what worked for me and other small business owners.




Jenny is committed to her community and has launched several initiatives. One she is the most proud of is Rock Your Summer Reading. The program was started during COVID to promote local businesses and summer reading. Learn More.

Music Compound has donated nearly $100k to its local community since launching in 2016. 

Jenny volunteers for various organizations that focus on cancer, children, and mental health. 

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